UberSquare blog has moved!

Hi all, I’ve always wanted to integrate my various blogs into a single site and now that’s finally done. The new site for this blog is here. Please check there for new posts. Thanks.


You get what you ask for!

Yes, you get what you ask for! Several users have suggested new regions service categories for UberSquare and I’ve just added the following:


  • Photography
  • Baby, house, pet sitting, care-giving
  • Web design(website look and feel, CSS, XHTML)
  • Graphics design(unrelated to web)


  • Portland, OR
  • Anywhere

The “Anywhere” region simply means there’s no restriction on the region Continue reading

Your friends know a few good accountants

It’s only 3 weeks away from the filing deadline of the U.S. Federal income tax return. I hope everyone is already done with the return or has already started working on it. If you haven’t started and aren’t looking forward to doing your tax return, hiring a professional is definitely a way to go as doing so can save you hours or days in doing paperwork. But then if you aren’t already working with an accountant, how do you find a good and reputable accountant to handle your tax return?

One of the best ways to find a good accountant is to get recommendations from your friends. You can go the traditional route by calling each friend to get an answer or by waiting for the next group gathering to pop your question. Alternatively, you can use UberSquare to get recommendations quickly. If you’ve established a circle of friends on UberSquare, their recommendations on service providers such as accountants, lawyers, contractors, etc, will be available to you instantaneously.

By clicking on the “Your contacts” tab on UberSquare, you’ll be provided with a list of providers in various categories.


From there, you can search for service providers by simply typing in a keyword Continue reading

Finding a good and reputable accountant, lawyer, interior designer, contractor, plumber…

From time to time, my wife and I need to get help from local service providers to take care of things that we either don’t know how to do or don’t have time for. As young adults(we’d like to think we’re still young 🙂 ), we haven’t had a lot of experience working with accountants, lawyers, contractors, etc. How do we find a good accountant, lawyer, plumber, contractor?

In most cases, we really don’t know where to start, let alone finding the right person for the job. Friends’ recommendations help sometimes but in cases that they can’t, finding the right service provider become a time-consuming and sometimes expensive quest. Yellow pages? We’re frozen by just looking at the yellow book. Shouldn’t it be easier in this internet age?

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